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Galley + West Elm: Our Top 6 Plating Tips for Dinner Parties

When planning the perfect dinner party, there are many things to prepare other than the meal (hint: that’s what Galley’s here for). From guest lists to space-prepping, there’s always something to do and something to check off next. We partnered with West Elm to bring you some fun plating tips to make your fall dinner parties unforgettable. Here’s our top 6 tips:

Tip #1

WestElm-DinnerSnapperKeep it simple! White plates don’t compete visually with the food you’re serving. Let your food take center stage, like this Pan Seared Snapper. View on Instagram

Tip #2


Go fresh! Use seasonal fruits + veggies to add a little extra contrast and color to a monochromatic plate. View on Instagram

Tip #3


Using trays to transport food from kitchen to table is both stylish + ensures your plating doesn’t get ruined. View on Instagram

Tip #4


Use sauce wisely! Pouring sauce directly on the food hides the beauty of your hard work. You’d be surprised how easy it is to create a fun design! View on Instagram

Tip #5


Follow the rule of odds. Having an odd number of elements on a dish is more visually appealing than having an even number. It creates the impression that the center piece of food is being framed by the others. View on Instagram

Tip #6


Play with different textures. Creating a texture contrast is a good way to draw the eye. Too many soft or crunchy foods on a plate is unappealing, but a combination of both is delicious! View on Instagram


By utilizing these plating tips you’re sure to impress guests and be the new dinner party host extraordinaire. If there are any tips that you think we missed, we’d love to hear them in the comments.