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7 Reasons Why This is the Ultimate Dinner Hack

It’s been a long day at work and you have two options:

  1. Order from a place nearby
  2. Cook for yourself.

Go the takeout or delivery route and you know you’ll end up putting away extra calories in the form of spring rolls, chips and guac, or cheese fries—plus, it’s always too much money for the quality.

Cook for yourself and you’ll have had to plan ahead, setting your menu and shopping for ingredients. Then there’s prep time, cook time, and cleaning time, all of which adds up to a whole lot of headache when your day’s already too long.

Instead of settling, try something new: get fully-prepared, chef-designed meals right at your door. Galley is a new service that brings you the healthy, affordable meals you’d cook for yourself if you actually had the time and patience.

Choose your menu, pick a half-hour delivery window, and wait for your dinner to arrive at your front door, zero prep required. It’ll be full of great seasonal ingredients from local, sustainable sources, and each meal is designed by a chef with a fine-dining background. Plus, they’ve got an app so you can order in three tiny taps and – even better – your first meal is free.

Intrigued? Here are seven more reasons to try it…

1: It’s ridiculously convenient.

Deciding what to eat and getting the stuff to make it is half the battle — usually the hardest half. Galley does the heavy lifting here, creating recipes specifically designed for delivery.

2. You choose from a brand new menu daily.

Galley combines the best part of dining out (ordering what you want) with the best part of eating in (not having to leave home). Each day features a new selection of three menu options.

3: It’s delivered to your door.

Working late Monday? Have plans Tuesday? No problem. You can place your order by 5pm and choose a 30-minute delivery window and a Galley Server will deliver.

4: It’s healthy and wholesome.

Everything is portioned to be between 600-800 calories, so you can eat it all, not feel guilty, and have zero waste due to our environmentally-compostable containers.

5: It uses meats raised without antibiotics and sustainably sourced fish.

Galley exclusively sources meats raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and its fish is almost exclusively sustainably farm-raised and environmentally conscious.

6: There is no commitment, minimums, or extra fees.

You can order Galley every night one week and only one night the next. There is no subscription, commitments, or minimums. You only pay for the meals that you order.

Reason #7: Your first meal is free

When you signup we’ll put a free meal in your account to use whenever you like!