News from the kitchen

A New Class of Cuisine

Where We Fit In
Quick-service, fast casual, sit-down, fine dining — the restaurant industry has no shortage of categories.

While — at a fledgling six months old — we do offer speedy service, the quick-service restaurant doesn’t quite fit. We’re not takeout; the quality of our food is too high. We’re not fast-casual; you can’t pick our meals up and take them to go or sit down at our restaurant.

Fast Gourmet
Where does that leave us? Somewhere in-between. We’re swift, but we don’t lack quality, effort, or presentation. We’re gourmet, but since we don’t have  a physical space, you won’t relish our dishes in a five-star setting — unless you hold your dining room in high regard, of course.

We staff fine dining-trained chefs who prepare gourmet, made-from-scratch dishes that are also as convenient and affordable as any fast-casual staple you know and love.

Yet, we think Galley falls into a new category — a new type of cuisine class — called “Fast Gourmet.”

Specs of the Space

  • Chef-prepared meals are made from scratch daily.
  • High quality ingredients with no preservatives or artificial chemicals.
  • Price points are under $15 inclusive of tax, tip and delivery.
  • Choosing a restaurant should be a decision, so there are no subscriptions or commitments.
  • A dynamic menu that is always has fresh new options to choose from.
  • Smart restaurant tech that ensures you can easily place an order and track your delivery.

We believe this kind of restaurant is the best way to provide delicious, high-quality, nutritious food in a convenient and affordable manner. It doesn’t fit into any of the current categories, so we’re giving it a new distinction: Fast Gourmet.

What do you think?