News from the kitchen

Introducing a New Menu Daily

You spoke. We listened.

The change: Today, we’re proud to launch a fully dynamic menu. Until this point, we’ve taken a monthly menu approach, meaning — while we offer diverse daily menus — they’ve stayed the same week-over-week. Now, that’s a thing of the past.

Thanks to your detailed feedback and powerful palates, we’re ready to go pro with a totally new carte du jour. Moving forward, every day will bring a brand-new menu. We’ll re-introduce popular plates from previous months in addition to new dishes we think you’ll love. It’ll take a lot more work on our end, but we think it’s worth it.

Never stale: Since our week-over-week menus won’t repeat, each weekday will deliver palpable plates brimming with innovative eats. This’ll make checking our iOS app on the daily even more exciting!

Foodie feedback: We’re dedicated to making Galley better and better, which is why we’re constantly collecting feedback from you, our customer. (If you’ve contributed your feedback and suggestions, thank you — and keep it coming!)

The thrill of anticipation: Originally, we thought the monthly menu setup would offer a high enough frequency of change for our customers, but your feedback suggested it’s that day-of anticipation that excites you — whipping out your phone or opening that email to discover what’s coming out of the kitchen tonight.

Since we like a good thrill (especially when it results in a satisfied appetite) as much as anyone, we made the change to a more dynamic menu. Simple as that. Relish a fresh dinner tonight, and take a moment to tell us what you think. Feel free to send us a note at